To celebrate the people who changed their lives with the help of my coaching, here are some quotes.

"It is obvious that Afi Sika finds her vocation in elevating others in direct contact. She is so true and authentic as a person - and by getting in touch with her, you become true yourself." 

/// Linde van Kanten, Consultant

"In the one-hour coaching interview, Mrs. Afi Sika Kuzeawu guided me with friendly, target-oriented questions to the topics that really are my concerns at the moment. In the course of the conversation she was able to concentrate attention on one of these topics. Thanks to her empathy and targeted inquiry, the coaching enabled me to formulate and record goals, solutions and procedures for a specific problem. ”  ​

/// Andreas Graf, Landschaftsarchitekt

"I was impressed with how quickly Afi Sika could empathize with the complexity of my question. Her precise inquiring and creative thinking opened up new perspectives within a short time. Her ability to combine artistic and economic approaches was particularly helpful."

/// Kurt Reinhard, Social Entrepreneur

"I hereby come to thank you for our coaching sessions. They allowed me to understand a lot of things and to set a course of action for myself."

/// Sandra Tchini, Logistician

“Being coached by Afi Sika is an enriching and inspiring experience.

Her integrated approach allows you to quickly identify your deepest motivations and aspirations, as well as your potential; all this with the utmost respect for the person and his or her background.  

Her method is progressive and her toolkit is vast.  This allows her to coach in a very personalized, tailor-made way.“

/// Garin