Being dissatisfied with your work situation can undermine all aspects of your life. Sometimes you feel that you need to start all over again, to give your career a new direction. This profound change, which would lead to an overall well-being, is however difficult to undertake alone. In our meetings I will help you to discover your hidden facets and give you the necessary keys to this transformation. I will also offer you personal support in the medium and long term.


Our sessions 

  • I get to know you

  • Let's talk about your work

  • Your new perspectives

  • Let's build your plan step by step

  • I draw up a comprehensive final report and hand it over to you (full document)

  • You also have personal access to exclusive courses and exercises

  • On-demand 15-minute e-mail exchanges and/or calls throughout the coaching process


Duration: 3 months including 6 individual sessions face-to-face or online

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