Are you looking for a job where you can really be yourself?

Are you looking for a sound orientation for your future?

You want to find out what your purpose is?

Do you have dreams that you want to realise?

You long for more fulfilment in your life?


I have been there - finding the right orientation for your life changes everything. There is so much more meaning and you feel so much more alive. Design your life yourself instead of leaving it to chance or to other people or to trends.


I am Afi Sika - creative, constantly analysing because I want to understand, have a fine and precise perception, have settled in many cultures, stage person, diplomatic, love aesthetics, communicative, have a spontaneous gift for improvisation, am empathetic, spiritual and rich in experiences.


If you feel inspired, let's have a no-obligation phone conversation to see if I could be the right coach for you. I look forward to getting to know you.